Saturday, April 2, 2016

sorry, no update until May because of ......


The admin has been assigned to the new duties in his job this month, and he will need to use a lot of weekend time to handle his new duties, for this he will like to apology to the residents because the vista condo blog will not be updated in the month of April, let him settle all these duties & the blog should be up again in May…

Really sorry for this….


Saturday, March 19, 2016

general updates as at 20/3/16

few matters to update our beloved residents,

1) thanksgiving party, yes again we have huge crowd turned up in the event, should be in between 220 & 250, and again, the happiest one are those vista kids, besides their favorite foods such as nugget, they also got entertained by the clown, and parents as they saw their kids enjoy the night, they too feel happy :) food especially satay & ice kacang still remain as everyone's favorite. this year YB Yeoh visited us as he did in our few previous functions, we really thank him for his support, but this year YB Jagdeep Singh can't come as he needed to attend to some urgent matter which pop up last minute. we also thank our residents for the support whenever function like this is organised, u guys are fantastic!

2) fire insurance, some residents have been chasing the office abt the insurance policy & premium, the policy will be ready this coming week, and premium is same as last year but add 6% GST, for this we will ask the office to put up a notice to inform our residents, as mentioned, it should be this coming week.

3) new vendors, we have engaged Mr Anba to be our new electrician, we hope he can stay long to serve our residents, for info, our last electrician served us for abt half a year then terminated himself due to personal reason, then for abt 3 months we were without electrician as we couldn't get the right replacement, after few candidates came for interview, we decided to give Mr Anba a try, hope that he can do the job well. another new face is the new building supervisor Mr Rosli, who replaced Mr Jasmin started mid of March, we welcome residents to feedback to us their performance.

4) car park, we have received & noticed someone built the car park shade at the rental lot, we have investigated & managed to talk to the resident who did it, after discussed with him & reasoned him that the place is not suppose to build this stuff, he lastly agreed to remove it, but asking some time's grace as he need to get his contractor to do the job, so we will give him another week to get this done.


Sunday, March 6, 2016

Thanksgiving Party photo will be ready...

hi, our beloved residents, we will soon post the party photo, now still arranging, will be up in another one or two days' time.....thanks.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

have u signed up yet?

now we are entering the last week before the Residents Thanksgiving Party, which will be held on the coming Saturday, March 5th, 7.30pm.

we would like to thank those residents who took the effort to register early, through dropping by the management office, phone calls, SMS and email to us, this is helpful for us to prepare especially the quantity of food, we just want to make we will prepare enough food for everyone, at the same time also wish we won't waste food by prepare too much food.

but our experience those us more than half of the residents (who will eventually attend the event) will only register during the last week before the event take place, so we expect more residents to sign up in this coming week, and also according to our record on the previously organized party, abt 10% will do the walk in registration right before the party start, anyhow we also welcome them, because we always believe for the residents party, is always "the more the merrier"... :)

but we still like to urge our beloved residents to sign up as early as u can, if u are too busy to call or drop by the office, do kindly send us an email to, all we want is more peoples to attend this party & express our thanks to the 2 YBs (namely YB Jagdeep Singh Deo & YB Yeoh Soon Hin) for their help on our water tank project, at the same time we would also like to talk to them on the new project - to replace all the main top down water pipe, there are 16 of these water pipes, the whose cost will be abt RM250K.

so, after u have read this article, can u send us an email to register, or u have done, u may want to talk to your neighbor or other Vista Condo to encourage them to sign up early, or even help them to sign up through email, thanks a lot :)

now we are approaching this area's MP, YB Ramkarpal Singh, hopefully he can attend too.

thanks & hope to see u all in the thanksgiving party.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Thanksgiving Party on 05/3/16 :):):)

as mentioned earlier, we will organise a thanksgiving party after the completion of the 10 new water tanks installation, so the MC have decided to do it on the 05th of March, 7.30pm at the foyer area.

the year we will still providing free makan for our beloved residents, buffet style, residents can be ensured that quality will be good one! jz like what happened for the previous few years, food even though FOC but the taste was nice, on top of it we will also give away lucky draw items, so pls do come to the occasion memorable.

one of the purpose for the thanksgiving party is to thank the two YB, namely YB Jagdeep Singh Deo & YB Yeoh Soon Hin for their help on our water tank project, YB Jagdeep Singh Deo is the one who approved the gov't fund for the project, and YB Yeoh has helped to endorse our application so that the EXCO could consider & eventually approved it. so we want to thank them together with our beloved residents, at the same time we also like to have our residents to come together to spend time & foster closer relationship with each other.

(for the admin, personally I feel that we need to thank the Almighty God because He indeed has helped us a lot, actually compare to those apartment in the area, we are the only one have received much fund from the gov't, the major one like main entrance shade, blk k lift upgrade, 10 new water tanks, recently there are few other apartments consulting us how to get the fund from gov't, how fortunate we are!)

we are sending out the invitation now to YB Jagdeep Singh & YB Yeoh, quite likely they will make it to the party, this is also a good chance for our residents to meet & talk to them personally.

we would like to ask our residents to do us a favor by register them name (unit number & how many people will attend) with the management office, this will help us to prepare right amount of food & also for the lucky draw, so pls make a trip to the office to register, or if you are too busy, you can give them a call at 019-5730637, or drop us an email at, thanks a lot for the effort to register.

let's come & have a good time together!

Friday, February 5, 2016

no posting for CNY holiays


no posting this week as admin will be away for CNY holidays :)

wish all our residents happy CNY & enjoy your holidays, drive safely if you are going to travel.

best regards.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

beware of dengue!!!

on Thursday afternoon, there was a fogging in Vista Condo, in our conversation with the officer who came here to oversee the fogging, few things mentioned by him catch our attention & prompted us to take immediate action.

we were told in blk k alone, there were 4 cases of dengue fever in the month of Dec 2015 & Jan 2016, thing like this has never happened in such high frequency, no doubt in the past on & off we have heard dengue fever case in Vista Condo, but it's abt 1 case in few month's time, this really shocked us & we feel that what we have done so far like putting larvae chemical once in every few weeks may not be enough.

according to the same officer, they have found some larvae in the flower pot base in blk J 2nd floor common area, we immediately alerted the owner of the plant, told her to remove them on the spot, well, the fine issued by the jabatan kesihatan will be hers, & we also ask the staff to check all the common area to make sure there's no other residents keeping flower pot or container which can be a breeding place for larvae.

the officer told even more scarier thing, in January there were few lives be taken away due to dengue fever..., the El Nino effect has helped larvae to grow in the faster pace, now even found out this mosquitoes can carry another dangerous virus (Zika) which caused great panic in some of the western countries like Brazil, as you may read that how the virus affect the pregnant ladies, where it cause the new born babies got the smaller head :(

after some discussion with residents & getting their feedback/suggestion, we will instruct & make sure office staff will do this, we will purchase big quantity of coarse salt (sea salt), leave it in the office, every beginning of the month the office staff & cleaner will put this salt into all the semicircle at the staircase, we will do this in the monthly basis as it's effect can last for a month's time.

we also want urge our residents not to keep any water unused container or pot, and if find any of this then pls help to make sure there's no water inside, and as for the semicircle, even though the office staff will continue to put the chemical & coarse salt, we also need your help to check once awhile, if you find sight of larvae pls contact office immediately.

let's work together to get rid of larvae in Vista Condo. Thanks.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

next big project

So after the completion of the water tank project, what next?

We would not give ourselves to much time to rest, but rather compete with time for another big project, to change all the main water pipe which connect from the roof top water tanks to every Vista Condo units, there are total 16 main water pipes, 8 at each block, if you are not sure which one we are talking abt, then you just need to step out from your main door, check the PBA meter, next to the PBA meter is the 4” water pipe, this is the main water pipe we are referring to.

We would like to ask all of our residents’ help to introduce to us some expert who are specialize in this field, ie installation of new main water pipes, we like to consult them of how to go abt this project, what kind of material, what is the length of time the project will take, and get at least 3 proposals to forward to state gov’t for them to consider & hopefully can get their approval too, under the arrangement of 80% - 20%, where the state gov’t will contribute 80% of the total cost, and we will get our new sinking fund to pay another 20%.

From our experience, this kind of application will take at least 6 months for the state gov’t to approve, so if we management to submit it in February, then the earliest time we can get some good news will be likely after August 2016, this is also depend on if the state gov’t willing to consider our appeal….let’s pray for God’s grace again.

So, if you can recommend someone for this project, pls contact us through phone or email us, thanks.

Best regards.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

hooray! water tank project is completed :)

on Friday we were been told by the vendor that the whole project of the new water tanks is completed, total 10 water tanks, 5 each block :)

well, would like to do some recap, how this project was initiated, more than 1 year ago...

the very first time we approached the state gov't for this water tank was on 21/11/2014, when we wrote the letter to the EXCO to appeal for fund for new water tank lining, pls note that it was not even for new water tank for just the lining, so we really thank God for His grace when later on we got more than what we have bargained for, the 10 new water tanks!!!

on 04/12/15, few weeks before Christmas, few MC members attended the meeting called by state gov't, together with MC & JMB from other apartment for all the requests on the gov't fund, during the meeting we were told not replace the water tank lining, but change to the brand new water tanks, so we have to get some new fresh new quotation for the EXCO to view & consider, which we did abt 2 weeks later where the quotations handover to the EXCO office.

after the anxious long wait & follow up, lastly we saw the approval letter on 22/01/2015, stated clearly that the state will sponsor 80% of the total cost RM405K for Vista Condo to have the 10 new water tanks, but it also posted a great challenge for us, we need to pay upfront 20% (or RM81K) for the state gov't to issue work order for the vendor to proceed with the work....where to get the money?

after much negotiation with the vendor, lastly in August 2015 the company willing to let us trade in the old water tank with RM45K, and also provide the interest free loan 15K, which means we still need to pay 21K from our took us more than half a year for the job of negotiation & accumulate the 21K mainly due to some major projects in between, especially the bomba pipe replacement in June....

so lastly we manege to proceed the 20% to state govt in the month of September & get the work order at the end of September 2015, and the vendor started to order the part & material in Oct 2015, and the installation work started in November 2015.

it took them 2 months+ to complete the whole project, we really thank God for the good weather, as initially we were told it may take up to 3 - 6 months depending on the weather condition, well now the project is completed, we are truly & indeed very very grateful :):)


Saturday, January 9, 2016

some recent repair works

Hi, would like to inform our residents of some recent repair works in Vista Condo, some have already completed, some are still on going….

Blk k car park area concealed pipe burst, we have received this complaint for a while already, and contacted few vendors to have a look on the problem, but unfortunately all of them have quoted us with the kind of price which we can’t afford at the moment, most of them suggested need to use some high tech machine to check where is the actual location of the burst then only can replace the pipes, we felt that the solution will cost us too much money, but thank God as last week our own resident resident Ah Poh (plumber) who is also one of our committee member decided to sponsor the new pipe & get his worker change the pipe, all we need to spend is to pay his worker few hundred for that few days hard work, we are really thankful for resident like him :0

Blk K water pump panel, recently the water pump control panel at blk k has given us some headache, for few days out of the blue it jz tripped by itself & then the auto mode can’t function anymore, which means even though the roof top water already empty but the pump won’t be able to detect it, so the pump didn’t send the water up to the roof top tank, as the result the blk k residents suffer water supply interruption, so in view of this old control panel already reach end of it’s life span, we decided to replace it with the new control panel for blk K, cost is abt 7K but we can claim from insurance, according to the vendor, the new panel will arrive on the coming Wednesday, so at the moment the vendor need to ON the pump manually every to make sure water supply won’t be interrupted for blk k.


Saturday, January 2, 2016

general updates as at 3/1/16

hi, first of all Happy New Year to our beloved residents, pray & hope that in the year 2016 we continue to receive God's blessing & favor, as He did for us in the previous years, especially those big projects like water tanks & lift upgrade....:)

there's some updates for our residents,

water tanks, the installation of the new water tanks is at the phase of completion now, so far out of the total 10 water tanks, 9 water tanks already be replaced, the only one water tank which going to be replaced is the blk K ground floor water tank, it should be done in one week's time, after that we will test all these new water tank for a period of time, then call state gov't state technical people to inspect, then once everything confirmed OK, we will organize a thanksgiving party to thank the state gov't for their contribution on the project :):):)

new building supervisor, the new person has reported to work last week, his name is Mr Jasmin, to replace the old supervisor Mr Rahman, the office clerk still remain the same Mr Ishak, the replacement of the supervisor is requested by many of our residents due to certain reason, and we welcome our residents to continue to monitor the office staffs' performance and feedback to us their opinion.

sinking fund, starting January 2016, the office will collect monthly RM10 from every unit for the new sinking fund, this is according to the resolution passed by the residents in the AGM in November, the purpose of the new sinking fund is for our 20% contribution for any big projects in Vista Condo which funded by state gov't by 80%, for residents information, this year we will approach state gov't for another big project, all the main water pipe which channel the water from the roof top water tank all our the residential unit, in total there 16 main water pipe we are planning to change, amounting to few hundred thousand Ringgit, hope that God will grant us this favor....


Saturday, December 12, 2015

new line up of MC

this is the new line up of MC 2015/16

Chairman : Mr Megam (K-6-8)
Treasurer : Mr Morgan (K-16-3)
Secretary : Mr Tan (J-10-3)

Committee members :
Deva (K-10-4)
Cheng (J-11-6)
Isma (J-16-6)
Poh (J-13-4)
Raman (K-17-5)

Trust that our residents will continue to support the MC committee to do the good job :)

BTW, the blog will continue after Christmas as the admin will be away for holidays :):):)


Saturday, December 5, 2015

new chairman, new secretary, new treasurer tonight....

tonight the new MC members will meet to decide on the new office bearers, one thing for sure is there will be new chairman, new treasurer & new secretary for the new term, as Cheng, Deva & Selva will would not be holding the said positions as per new ruling in the strata title act.

in the way, the will be new leadership to manage the matter in Vista Condo pertaining to the management & facilities, and we believe that the new leadership will do even better job than the old MC leadership, we also believe that the Vista Condo residents will continue to give their support to the new leadership, so that they will be encouraged & do the good jobs for the benefits of our believed residents.

one last note, for this Vista Condo blog, they may want to decide if this blog will continue to serve our residents, if yes, then they will need to appoint a new admin to write the article, so this may be the last article written the existing admin shall they decide to appoint a new admin :)


Saturday, November 28, 2015

new MC line up, new Sinking Fund, new Project

AGM was held smoothly on the Saturday evening, started at 8.30pm & ended at abt 10.30pm.

we would like to thank those who made an effort to attend despite of bad weather, but also understand that some residents wanted to attend but can't make it due to various reasons, overall it was a fruitful meeting with our residents.

3 major decisions made during the AGM,

first, there will be collection of RM10 each unit every month starting January 2016 as the new Sinking Fund, the purpose of having this new sinking fund is to get ourselves ready shall state gov't give approval to our future request in those major repair or upgrade on our facilities such as lifts, water tanks, main pipes & building repainting, as you know we need to contribute 20% of the total cost as the state gov't will bear 80% for low medium cost apartment like Vista Condo.

second, the residents also voted to go ahead to apply fund from the state gov't to replace all the main water pipe which channel water from the roof top water tanks to each unit, in total there are 16 main pipes need to be replaced, we estimate the total cost is amounting to about RM400K, so if we obtain the approval to proceed then we can expect state gov't to absorb abt RM320K & we need to get abt RM80K ready, so this is one of the purpose we set up the new Sinking Fund.

third, residents also have chosen new MC committee members, they are J-16-6 (Isma), J-13-4 (Ah Poh), J-10-3 (Tan), J-11-6 (Cheng), K-16-3 (Morgan), K-17-5 (Ramon), K-10-4 (Deva), K-6-8 (Megam), total is 8, the new MC members will meet to decide on the new office bearers, namely chairman, secretary & treasurer, also the unofficial office bearers such as vice chairman, internal auditor & financial controller, we trust that new MC team will do the good job for our beloved residents :)

may God will give more blessing to Vista Condo in the coming years, thanks.

Friday, November 20, 2015

updates as at 21/11/15

some matters to update our beloved residents,

Water Tank Project - the first 2 old water tanks at blk k had been removed completely, the removal of another 2 old water tank at blk J also almost done, according to the main contractor, next week the another group of workers will come in to install the new water tank, 2 for blk k first, then follow by 2 water for blk j, pray & hope that everything will happen smoothly.

AGM - friendly reminder for our residents that the AGM will be held on 28/11/15, 8pm at the foyer, the highlight will be choosing the new MC committee, we welcome residents to nominate the capable peoples to be in the new lineup, off course the existing committee members are still eligible for the election, but 2 of them (Cheng & Deva) cannot be office bearer (chairman, secretary or treasurer) anymore because they have been the office bearer for max 2 term, so this time they can only be an ordinary committee member if chosen.

Passing of lift technician - we wish to express our deepest condolences to the family of one of the lift technician who came to fix our lift problem regularly, Mr Nasir for his passing on Friday morning, in fact many of our residents have seen him in both Blk J & K to settle our lift problem, he & his boss Mr Samsudin have served our lift well all these years, Mr Samsudin is taller & look tougher, Mr Nasir is shorter person out of this two, we feel sad for losing this great person who attended to the lift problem at his level best all this while :(

see you all in the AGM, thanks.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

no posting this week


no posting this week, will continue next week.


Saturday, November 7, 2015

AGM on 28/11/15

This is to inform our beloved residents that the AGM will be held in the last last Saturday of November, 28/11/15, 8pm at the foyer area.
After half an hour from 8pm, if numbers of residents turn up still not enough to form the quorum, then those who present will automatically form the quorum, which means the AGM will still be held on the same night regardless of the number of residents we have after half an hour.

Few important matters we will discuss with our residents, just like to highlight 2 of them here,

1) New MC committee, some of the committee already serve to the maximum term, and need to give way to the new members, especially those who office as chairman, treasurer & secretary for 2 term, need to give way for other peoples, but wither they are eligible to be elected as ordinary committee member of MC but not holding office bearer position, we will need to check again with the authority.

2) New sinking fund, we will ask residents’ opinion abt the proposal to collect RM10 per month per unit to form the new sinking fund, so that in the future when we approach state gov’t for financial help on those project such as lift upgrade, or main pipe replacement, or repainting of building, etc, we will be ready to pay the 20% of the cost as under the 80%/20% arrangement, the state gov’t will absorb 80% of the total cost but we got to pay the 20% first.

See u guys in the AGM….


Sunday, November 1, 2015

have you seen those old water tank?

some residents get the shock when they saw the old water tank panel at the blk K ground floor...

this is just the first water tank which has been dismantled & sent down from the roof top, as at the moment the vendor are dismantling the second unit, rough calculation, to dismantle a water tank took about 4 days, but we expect they will do the faster job in the future as they have gained some good understanding by dismantling the first water tank.

well, the reason of the residents reaction when they saw the old water tank is the condition of the water tank, so dirty, rusted, broken, bad bad bad shape....

imagine some of residents have been drinking the water without filtering it, and this is the main reason we push for the new water tank, we wish it can been done much earlier than now, but the arrangement is beyond our control as we need state gov't to approve & residents' cooperation to pay service charge so that we can pay our 20% of contribution in order to get the work order from the concerned department, we have done our level best and we can only encourage ourselves that the new water tank project is really late but still better than never...

let's learn some precious lesson from this, & we would like to propose to our residents in the coming AGM (will be held on 28/11/15) that RM10 per month will be collected from every unit, to be saved as Vista Sinking Fund, and this Fund will be used for the gov't funded project which based on 80%/20% (gov't pay 80%, residents pay 20%), so that when the gov't approve those project then we can proceed immediately our 20%, so that the project can be started as soon as possible without wasting too much time like water tank project, for information, it took more than half a year for us to get ready of the 20%......

talk about the future project, some of them will be common water pipe for domestic water supply, building repainting, blk j lifts upgrade (blk k lifts already completed 2 years ago), etc.


Saturday, October 24, 2015

work in progress, and hiccup too....

the water tank project has started since early of this week, the workers have taken abt 2 days to do the piping at the roof top of blk K, the purpose is so that after they dismantle the first 2 water tanks, the water will continue to supply all the unit in blk K.

the new water tank material were shipped in on Wednesday, residents should have noticed those gray color FRP panel laid at the ground floor for few days, on Friday the workers have managed to bring all these material to the roof top, now waiting for the first 2 water tank to be dismantled completely then install the one immediately.

the arrangement will be 2 water tanks from blk k roof top to be dismantled then fix the new water tanks at the same site immediately, after that another 2 water tanks from roof top to be replaced then the last one will be the reservoir at the ground floor. If they have enough manpower then the same process will be running simultaneously at both blk J & K.

well, the small hiccup during the first week of this water tank project.... :(

when the workers release the water from the first 2 water tank at blk K roof top, the water suppose to flow through the drain pipe gutter to the ground floor & dispersed to the main drain, but unfortunately when the water reached the 8th flr, some of that flow into the corridor area & cause small flood, and went to one of the lift as well, the staff immediately get the cleaner to clear the water & called the lift technician to check the lift (even though it still can run), the lift technician report some part in the lift car top is wet & advised to shut down one lift for a day to wait for it to dry, so one lift was out of order from Thursday afternoon to Friday afternoon, but now it's back to normal already.

another incident is when the worker remove the level sensor from the first 2 water tanks, some parts of old wire got bent & eventually caused the contact problem, as the result the pump stop running at the early hour on Friday, and caused water supply interruption for abt half an hour in the Saturday morning, few blk K committee received the complaint at 9am & immediately attended to it & water supply was back at abt 9.30am, on the same day we asked the vendor to check & they have rectified the wiring problem, but we still like to ask our residents to help us to monitor the water pressure in your house, if you feel that the pressure is lower than usual then pls alert the office staff immediately, thanks.

....really pray & hope that no more hiccup again.... :P